Monday, 23 February 2015

| Gloomy Days |

Hello everybody! It's been some time since my last outfit update! Finally there is only one week left for the end of my exams! Feels like forever if you ask me! Hope you had a beautiful weekend and you are now ready for another Monday! 

First thing i want to tell you before i begin with the outfit is some hair stuff. Well i don't know if you have ever ever saw me with curles or enything else as a matter of fact besides straight hair! Truth is i love straight hair but to be completly ownest i don't wake up with straight hair as much as i dream of it! Having said all that i found the perfect solution for not wasting my time doing my hair every morning and looking like i spend hours! The solution comes with the Max Pro Curler! I am telling you i am no good at all things hair and by the third i tried the curler i was thrilled. That was the time i actually figured out how it works and how fast this thing is! Needless to say that you don't have to day anything to your hair even the next day! I love this thing!! Time to tell you that i have a special coupon code for you from Max Pro! Use the code: labofstyle and you can get the curler or anything else with a 10euro discount! Chop Chop!! Happy hair days to you all!!

About what i am wearing. As you can see is a quite simple black and white outfit. This vest is a piece i was looking for ages! I know it doesn't actually look like something to be so despirately looking for but for me is something that we all should have. I can be worn from day to night and it makes your outfit a little more tailored! I should tell you that it isn't for the cold days (unless you wear a huge coat of course), don't look at me and the snow behind me! I was freezing!!

The shirt is a classic botton up semi sleeve white shirt but with a little flow back that makes it a little more girly and also much more easy to wear. You can wear it in the summer with just shorts, you can wear it on the beach with your bikini or with your leather pants or jeans ( in and out)! I find it super comfy and classy, perfect!

One last thing, the shoes i am wearing are high boots ( you can't really see the heel on the pictures). They are to my surprise very comfortable wearing them through out the day and they look stunning! I think the zip in front makes them so pretty!!

Waiting for your thoughts!
P.S. Sorry for the not so good ironing at the shirt but i am no good at this!

Photos by: Alexandros Garnavos

I am wearing:

Shirt: Seinside
Vest: Sheinside
Pants: H&M (old)
Bracelets: Giota Georgopoulou
Necklace: Mon Cheri
Eyeglasses: Emblem eyewear

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  1. I need to try these curlers, I can never get my hair curly. Love you sleeveless jacket